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Brain Builder workshops

If you ask me to work with your organisation or team,  we will agree a format and content that work for you and your people.

My job is to help you see familiar issues  in a fresh light, find new solutions to old problems, appreciate yourselves and others more fully, and discover ways to be even better than you are already.

I can promise you that working together will be informative, relevant,  stretching, useful – and even fun!

One reader of The NLP Brain-Builder was so excited by the book that she asked me to come out to the Middle East to work with her team. They cover the Middle East and Africa for a huge multi-national and work with external and internal clients. The team was newly expanded and the ‘people’  part of their work is often as challenging and taxing as the technical content in which they specialised.

We focused on how NLP, and in particular an understanding of Meta-Programmes, could help in the team’s  everyday work with their clients and with each other. The theme was Influencing with Integrity. My starting point was a key NLP presupposition: we cannot not influence others – but we do have choices as to how we do it. The only effective base for doing this is also the most ethical: our influence is strongest when we respect others for their differences from us as well as their similarities, make an effort to show them we understand their viewpoint, and seek outcomes that will benefit us both. We had a lot of fun mapping out our meta-programme preferences and exploring the implications of the way we differed from colleagues, family, and friends. Some brave volunteers ‘stepped into the shoes’ of a colleague whom they found challenging to work with,  emerging with a new take on the practical and emotional realities of managing shared goals and tasks.

We explored the hostage-negotiator George Kohlrieser’s metaphor of ‘getting the fish on the table’ – identifying,  owning and working respectfully with issues that if left ‘under the table’ can fester and rot. 

We looked at participants’  ‘success stories’  to pinpoint just how they had achieved what they did. Each participant had an opportunity to use their colleagues as consultants to help apply their new learning to their back-home work situations, and they also had individual telephone coaching sessions afterwards. 

Here are some of their comments:

Thanks for a great session.

Thanks for the great insights – enjoyed every second.

A great training.

We’ll be feasting on [Kohlrieser’s] fish for a long time to come.

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