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Working with teams and organisations

When I work with a team my aim is to help work-colleagues reach a greater understanding of their team as a living, dynamic entity, and learn to work more effectively with the differences of talent and approach that can often cause  stress. My recent book, The NLP Brain-Builder, outlines the common information-sorting mechanisms that we all use and provides useful exercises for developing mental and behavioural flexibility.

Coaching individuals within the same team as well as working with the team as a whole raises many important issues about boundaries, yet can often be a significant way of taking the team’s work forward because it also highlights people’s different ways of understanding and approaching things.

Learning to pay attention to process as well as content can also be a key learning that helps people  manage themselves and others more subtly and more effectively.

I believe that wherever you may be in the hierarchies and networks of an organisation, you can have a voice, and you can encourage others to have theirs. You can also learn to express that voice more subtly and strategically. Underpinning this are some difficult but essential skills that I help my clients to master: showing your disagreement with respect, being  clear in your communication and direct yet tactful in your ‘bottom-lining’, maintaining boundaries and honouring contracts.


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