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The NLP Brain Builder

Self-coaching strategies for surviving and thriving

The NLP Brain Builder sets out to explain the Meta-Programmes – an NLP label for the mental sorting mechanisms we all use everyday to make sense of information. Each of us has our mental filters, but we can understand them and become more flexible in using them. And flexibility makes us more effective in managing ourselves and working with other people.

Are you someone who likes to go by the book? or do you prefer to make things up as you go? Whichever you favour, you’re working along the procedural-inventive Meta-Programme. You’ll have your own ‘default setting’ – how you respond automatically – and you’ll find it easier to relate to people who think like you, and probably harder to relate to people at the ‘other end’ of the spectrum.

There are a number of important Meta-Programmes, and what’s been written about them up till now seems to be aimed at professionals, not at the everyday reader. Further, it’s usually assumed that people can’t/won’t/don’t change their way of operating.

I’ve worked a lot with Meta-Programmes  in my coaching, and my clients have found it really helpful. So I decided to try to make this brilliant and useful tool available to a non-specialist audience, and to devise a programme of mental work-out exercises.

The NLPBB (my shorthand for the title) has already been translated into Italian and Russian, and the rights for further translations bought by other countries. In addition, an American edition is to be published by Jeremy Tarcher in October 2012 under the title Wired for Success. This is all very exciting, and I think it illustrates the NLP assumption that the basic processes human beings make use of to manage their worlds are probably universal.

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