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Working with individuals

Many of the individuals I work with come to coaching as part of support and development projects at work.  Our work is always confidential,  particularly when I am separately asked to coach a number of peers, people from the same team, or a manager and some of the people he or she manages. 

Discussing these issues openly at the initial contract stage reassures my clients  and can also surface important issues relating to roles, boundaries and the status of information that may already be causing difficulties.

Because Pivotal Coaching is process-based rather than content-based, it can sometimes touch on non-work events which have an impact at work. I take the client as a whole person operating in many different arenas, and by this can help us cascade a range of useful changes on a broad front.

The personal account given below shows how a high achiever experiencing stress at work became aware in a single session of how strongly the professional and personal can be interlinked. The conclusions he came to as a result of our brief time together had equally wide-ranging implications for him and his future.

I was introduced to Wendy through a colleague and had the benefit of receiving a two hour one-off coaching session. At the time I was working in a pressured finance reporting role combined with the responsibility for co-ordinating the implementation of a global project for EMEA region.

The session was fairly intense, and covered a broad range of topics. The key take-away from this brief one-off session, which had a lasting impact and effect, was the way in which Wendy was able to make me examine my thinking habits in a way I had not done before. It gave me the ability to challenge myself – “why do I do that?”, “what benefit do I think this behaviour gives me?”, “do I really need to do this to elicit the desired response?’ “whose belief is that? Mine?”… “Hmm, perhaps it is just me putting expectations on myself that don’t exist”, “perhaps I should validate this”…

.. The session with Wendy… had lasting impact, helping me to really understand and differentiate between self perception and that of the external world of me.    A.D. Management Accountant

Another client’s differently-focused experience shows how Pivotal Coaching helped him address very specific issues and discover the precise and tailored solutions he needed.

Wendy has an amazing ability to ask just the right question at just the right moment. She gently nudges, engages and challenges you toward seeing some (new) light at the end of the tunnel. By the end of our two hours together, I had a clear sense of the shape and content of my book proposal, which the publishers are delighted with. C.M. Community Development Consultant.


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