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Riding clinics and lecture demonstrations

Make a difference sessions and clinics

I  offer pivotal coaching sessions with both on- and off-horse elements to help individual riders explore a broad range of factors affecting their communication with their horses. These cover technical riding skills, ways of improving rider-horse and horse-rider communication and the appreciation of how the rider’s own ‘baggage’ can interfere with what they can achieve together.

Typically, we may begin with some time off-horse which is immediately followed up with ridden coaching and the discussion of further opportunities and options.

I can’t speak highly enough of WJ’s sessions – they have made the world of difference to me at competitions – Victoria

Working with my colleague and friend Tania Grantham, I offer a similar approach through the monthly ‘Make a Difference Clinics which we run in Surrey’. Similar clinics can also be arranged on request at other yards.

This work is all based  on classical principles, but you don’t have to be an expert, or even have a dressage focus, to enjoy and benefit from a working session with me or with us.

I do like Wendy’s style of teaching/coaching. It is so friendly as well as being so perceptive – Rebecca

My aim is to help each rider make a difference for the better during their session.  You might choose to focus on getting your messages through to your horse more clearly, or on managing your anxieties and becoming more confident.

You will be happy to hear that I am riding again. I am enjoying it so much. I feel much more confident than I can ever remember feeling before. I want to thank you for working your magic on me – Hilary

You might just want to get even better at what you’re doing already. The agenda is yours – and my aim is for you to have a playful, experimental, enjoyable session in which you can truly make a difference that is yours and that will last. Sessions usually focus on one or two key points, so that you have time to make the change you want and know you can repeat it when you’re on your own.

It is incredibly subtle, this communication with the horse. I used to think I listened to my horses (false) but now I know I can. I feel liberated and am having FUN!!!! – Hazel


Lecture demonstrations

I also offer lecture/demos  focusing on rider-horse communication and drawing upon NLP and coaching principles.  I usually begin with a brief explanation and then work individually with three or four riders and their horses on much the same basis as the ‘make a difference’ clinic sessions.

For further information or to arrange a clinic or lecture/demo please email me on

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