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Horse books

What Horses Do for Us Why do horses mean so much to so many people? This book draws on my understanding of psychology, sociology, therapy, management theory, the way horses communicate with each other, and the day to day experiences of many horse people to identify the special gifts that horses give to the humans who are involved with them.

Solo Schooling Many riders don’t have riding lessons, and even those that do often wonder what they should be working on when they’re schooling on their own. This book draws on my experience of NLP coaching to help you learn how to coach yourself. It talks you through the issues involved in riding and schooling everyday, including goal setting, keeping  focused, problem-solving and building confidence. Each chapter is illustrated with a real-life example, and four in-depth case-studies show you how every horse and every rider can discover their own special magnificence.

Score More for Dressage How can you improve your dressage score, and why is it worth doing dressage anyway? Dressage is all about communication, not just fancy footwork, and so it has the potential not only to improve the horse’s athleticism but also the relationship between rider and horse. Since I’m a Listed Judge, there is plenty of technical know-how here for anyone who competes; and in addition there are powerful NLP strategies to help you cope with anxieties, build skill and confidence and ‘get the learning into the muscle’ in straightforward, doable ways.


Schooling Problems Solved with NLP This was the first book ever to apply Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to riding. NLP gives us great tools for understanding how the working of our minds can help – and hinder – us;  it helps us discover just how great performers do what they do so that we can begin to model ourselves on them; and it can also help us become better communicators, with horses as well as other people. Don’t be surprised if reading this book improves more than just your riding!

Over the years I have written many articles for Horse & Rider, and have also contributed to Your Horse magazine. The technical material is always complemented by reference to the nature of the partnership between horse and rider.

This is my horse Mouse doing his best in a well-stretched half-pass.



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