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My New Book – How to Manage Your Mammoth


HOW TO MANAGE YOUR MAMMOTH – the procrastinator’s guide to getting things done

We all have mammoths in our lives. These may include The procrastinator's guide to getting things done

  • A task or chore that needs doing
  • A dream that hasn’t been realised
  • Sorting through possessions
  • An obligation or debt that needs discharging
  • A wrong that rankles
  • An ambition that hasn’t been achieved
  • A job you ‘haven’t time for’
  • A habit that’s difficult to break
  • Creating a plan or strategy for the future.

This book talks you through the commonest mammoths people face, and helps you customise the key skills of mammoth-managing to your own needs. In particular, it shows you how to identify and work with your own patterns of energy and concentration, and reveals the secret structure of some super-simple, super-elegant ‘twenty-minute miracles’.

Alan Fine, the co-creator of the world-renowned GROW coaching model and author of the New York Times bestseller You Already Know How to Be Great, said:

Iread this book and instantly had a list of people I wanted to share it with. It provides some simple, powerful and readily applicable ways to deal with the most common roadblocks we human beings run into. This is a must-read for anyone and everyone.

Only £9.99. Handy format for carrying in your pocket, briefcase or handbag. Reader-friendly layout so others can easily scan it over your shoulder… If you leave it lying around it may just walk off…How to manage Your Mammoth from Amazon

Available in French and German translations. Chinese rights already sold.

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