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Coaching Books

The NLP Coach co-authored with Ian McDermott

This book has been hugely successful.  It offers the non-expert reader usable information about all the major NLP tools, pulls the rug out from under common assumptions about ‘failure’ and ‘success’, and shows how NLP can be put to work to help you in every area of your life.

Your Inner Coach with Ian McDermott

From our experience working in training and therapy Ian and I both know how powerful, and how potentially enabling, the unconscious part of A step-by-step guide to increasing personal fulfilment and effectivenessthe mind can be – especially if you learn to make it a friend, consultant and collaborator. This book was written to show you how you can build inner work and inner consultation into your everyday life – and how much it enriches you.

The Coaching Bible with Ian McDermott

The majority of books about coaching are addressed to professionals. We wanted to write something that would convey the essence of effective and impeccably professional coaching to all three groups of people who need to know how it works and what it can achieve: clients, coaches and organisational commissioners.

Brief NLP Therapy co-authored with Ian McDermott

How better to describe this than through the rave review on Amazon?

“This is a fantastic book. It covers many of the salient points covered in NLP, but does so in an easily read and understood way. It is packed with actual examples and case studies which bring life and understanding to the principles being discussed.In places it almost acts as a ‘what to say when book’ giving ideas on how to say the next question in relation to the Client’s needs.

This should be on the bookshelf of every Therapist and NLP Practitioner, in the well thumbed, falling to pieces from over use section. Informative, practical and a right riveting read!”

Effective Communication in Practice co-authored with Jan Pye

Jan and I wrote this when we were both involved in the training of aromatherapists, because we realised that body workers needed more than their hands-on skills if they were to be successful – they also needed inter-personal and practice management skills.

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