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Pivotal Coaching

What is Pivotal Coaching?

Pivotal Coaching is a new approach which in a brief period of intensive work helps  the client identify just where and how to kick-start significant and lasting change. It is often a profoundly exciting, as well as transformative experience.

Who is it for?

Anyone – individual or group – who is at a point of choice, confusion or possibility. Much of my work of this kind has been with managers in multi-national businesses and in large public sector organisations, and I have also worked with team-members both separately and together.

Think of Pivotal Coaching at times of personal or professional change, stress and overload, stuckness, challenge, underperformance, change of direction or role, or when you are dealing with loyalty and boundary issues… In short, any time when clarity is needed, decisions are required or a turning-point is reached.

What form does it take?

Pivotal Coaching is about turning things around.   I often use relatively short, one-off, highly-focused session to begin the process, which can be followed up in other face-to-face or telephone meetings as appropriate.

 Here’s how one client (who had a single four-hour session with me) described his experience:

Wendy Jago is not only wonderfully effective in her role, but she is also so flexible. Not only does she excel in both a professional and personal capacity, but she also manages to format the client’s needs with their time-schedule. Importantly, she was able to make a massive impact when asked to help in the shorter, more focused coaching role having previously given considerable help over the more tried and tested longer term meetings. LBC. Investment Banker

Who  arranges it? 

Individuals can contact me themselves.

Organisational managers or HR professionals can make arrangements on behalf of staff.

Where will our session(s) take place?

If your issue is work-related and your workplace is in London or the South-East, Pivotal Coaching can take place there. If you are acting as a private individual or are based overseas, we can arrange totalk  on the telephone or via Skype.



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