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Welcome to my website

This is where you’ll find information about what I do, how I do it, what I’ve written and (a bit) about how I got to be the kind of person and coach I am. Also some idea of how it feels to work with me, and  how you can contact me if you want to do that.

Many years ago when I was first involved in working with groups, I came across the writings and philosophy of the American psychotherapist Carl Rogers.

In particular, I was inspired by his attitude. He wrote:

You can trust the student. You can trust him to desire to learn in every way which will maintain or enhance self; you can trust him to make use of resources which will serve this end; you can trust him to evaluate himself in ways which will make for self-progress; you can trust him to grow, provided the atmosphere for growth is available to him.

Forty years later, I still believe this, and I still endeavour to live up to it in all the work I do.

You can contact me on

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